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  • Autoimmunity 
  • Hormonal and endocrine imbalances
  • Metabolic concerns and Weight loss
  • Inflammation state reversal
  • Emotional Concerns - anger, depression, healing abusive pasts, mild cases of PTSD.  


Natural Medicine Consult: This consult is 2.0 hour assessment of your medical and life history where a plan is created to bring your body mind emotions and spirit into harmony ~ A true wholistic approach. This consult may require further tests and evaluations. Each person receives their personal fingerprint for health and wellbeing.
Price: $120.00 per hour

Healing or energy work: trained in many healing modalities Eunice uses her intuition, instincts and wisdom to actualize the healing required for the soul that is with her.
Price: 30 minute session: $60.00

Spiritual Cleansings/ clearings - homes and offices.
Price: Call for details 


Talks & Courses

“Quilt Talks”- Eunice has a variety of ‘quilts that talk’ these speaking engagements can be short talks or a full day or weekend workshop. call for details. Will work with individuals families and companies.
Price: Contact for details

Barefoot Connections: (2 ½ days) This is a weekend course is very individual and group oriented at the same time. Each participant will come to know their birth, plant and crystal totems . They will find out the season of their birth and how it helps them to ‘align’ to their destiny and expand their vision of self. You will be introduced to ‘augary’ an ancient system of reading nature and have a beginning understanding of how to do this for yourself. This course teaches you about you, increases yourself awareness and expands it. It will make you better for example better in Sales or what ever focused activity you have in your life. This course will make you better. 
Minimum 12 participants.
.Price: $399.00

Healing Retreats

The Annual Seekers Quest in the mountains is always a favourite.
Price: Call for pricing and dates

Rainbow Food Focus Retreat  This is a 7 day retreat is done in your own home or at a local Bed & Breakfast near Dr. Beckett's facility. It is taylor made and may include not changing any of your activities accept your food focus. This retreat includes focused emotional and spiritual work while your body realigns to rainbow vibrations. 
Price: Call for pricing and dates

Dr. Beckett's Intensive Retreat You are invited into Eunice’s acerage home for an intensive retreat. It can be a weekend or a 5 day retreat.
Price: Call for pricing and dates

Advanced Barefoot Connections- Expanding Circles Retreat (2 day) this weekend retreat teaches how to walk the varying positions on the circle of life for personal expansion and awareness. How to meditatively connect and speak to nature and learn your next steps in life. Includes intergrative monthly calls after retreat. 
Minimum 12 participants.
Price: $599.00 per person

Half Day with a Wise Women - 4 hour intensive, where you will be taken to a land form that best helps your spiritual expression. Each person maybe taken to a different location depending on their needs. Some may need a river, some will need a lake and others may need a quiet meadow. Eunice's connection to nature will be an abiding guidance for the half day event. 
Price: $499.00
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