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 Eunice Beckett DNM


Eunice Beckett’s keen intuitive sense, honed by over 35 year’s experience, finds the root cause of your imbalance. Unearthing your individual and specific fingerprint for health™ is her unique and special ability. She then formulates a comprehensive program that places you in the empowered position - ‘the driver’s seat’ for your journey to wholeness and awakened sense of well-being. 

Her education and experience is significant - originaly trained as a Nurse and Nurse Practitioner with many years experience in remote communities and villages of the First Nations Peoples of Canada, where she learned to ‘let go’ of her ‘pompous’ scientific approach and became a student of the elders, medicine men and women, of the indigenous way of living in harmony with the land. Since leaving mainstream Medicine she has studied and earned a Doctorate in Natural Medicine.

Really she is an ordinary human being with a little “extraordinary” added to the execution of her life. The extraordinary we are talking about is what has happened to her as she became a “student of Nature”. She is gentle and kind yet very strong and knowledgeable – the makings of a natural born leader. She works from her own innateness to the individual’s innateness in front of her.
Connecting with the profound power of Nature and creates spaces for the "extra-ordinary” to unfold in the individual’s life before her (for each person must help themselves).Truly she is an unique blessing to know and experience. 

Eunice has Doctorate in Natural Medicine whose desire is to help others heal through her connection to nature. She makes gorgeous “talking quilts” for her workshops and brings wisdom from Mother Earth to assist us on our journeys. 

Several years ago, Eunice had to close a thriving practice when she received a maze of multipul diagnosies of Psoriatic Arthritis, Ankylosing spondylitiss and Fibromyalgia to name a few. Prognoisis of a wheel chair in 10 years, her future was very dim. Mostly confined to her home with homecare support, with the help of a trusted college sorted thru a multidisplinary approuch and came to the diagnosis of Chronic Inflammatory Reactive Disorder (CIRD). Under daunting circumstances, it sent her on her quest for personal healing. The sacrifices demanded by this disease were many. In her journey to restore her own health she rediscovered a childhood pastime of quilting with her Grandmother. In experiencing this art form cloth, the creativity fueled personal understanding. Now managing the inflammatory states, Eunice is at the beginning phase of re-inventing herself. “Who am I now, and what is my mission and purpose?” Out of the darkness and into the light, she is poised to shine her essence with new found and hard won wisdom. Her gorgeous "talking quilts" are centre stage as she shares the wisdom earned from her experiences. Thru her journey she is ready to help others heal with her newly honed gifts. 
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